Video background for your site – a modern approach

The correct style of background should blend with the overall design and concept of the site. The use of video for site will stand out among the competitors, can't argue with that.

The main disadvantage of this technique is slow loading, there are sites that run too long, so users just leave them. Here to solve this problem, will help optimize the video to the background. The essence of the procedure lies in the optimization of css code that allows you to reduce the file size by 2-3 times. It is better to turn to professionals.

But the first and most important step is selection of suitable video. Today, the vast network can find a large number of directories with similar videos, most of them are of the best quality and the best version cost money. Choosing a background for a website, should refer to the resource Rowpost, it provides many videos from different categories. Any file can be downloaded free of charge and in good quality.

Office web Studio video background. The perfect solution

Popular section Rowpost today, is a business video background for a website. In the network a large number of resources with a similar theme, so everyone tries to stand out on its own and steal a March on competitors. We have an extensive catalog of original video with smartphones, laptops, web studios. We offer you a list of the most downloaded versions:

Office web Studio. This is the optimal roller for website advertising and design services, video background for a web Studio, etc. On our website and several options are presented live office web studios;
Video to website with a smartphone. This option is often used in reviews of new gadgets and news portals on mobile updates. Video background on a website “work with smartphone” we are, so there is plenty to choose from, not to be similar to competitors;
The video on the computer download for studios of Web-programming, site maintenance computers. The background of the website with a laptop is the easiest and most common variant, which is suitable for all sites. If you want the original design, we offer several options for video to operate the laptop;
On Rowpost easy to use menus, simple navigation and accessible content so that you can quickly find, for example, video for a site with laptops and phones. With us you can transform the site beyond recognition, and do it absolutely free. This is why users increasingly turn to our website which will really help to solve a number of issues and will make it convenient and easy.