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Can I download video from website - sure you can!

  • 30, Nov 2017
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Most users of the network know that downloading videos from website online without programs is almost impossible. User needs to install special utilities and extensions for browsers. Special software gives you an opportunity to download video from website free but generally from any website on the Internet - whether it's Youtube or Vimeo. Sometimes it is very convenient, especially in the case of educational videos or courses - so you can do your own business or work, listening to previously downloaded video for the background. Well, of course, sometimes a stream of video simply buggy and hangs. For such situations, there are "workarounds" for downloading video from website online free.

The topic of downloading a video from websites is quite debatable and many amateur programmers or well-known software companies have engaged in a special software (or simple scripts) in order to download video from website to computer. The auxiliary software for downloading (both video and audio) is divided into two main categories:

  1. Special sites for download. The functionality of these online resources allows you to simply insert the necessary link into the provided box - you will receive either a link for downloading or the service will start downloading in automatic mode. Try to pay attention to the content downloaded automatically - sometimes it can be virus-infected files or software installed against the user's desire (the notorious Amigo browser and similar programs). In any case, such sites are a great chance to download a video from a website free and without installing third-party applications.

  2. Software installed on the PC. They are often integrating into your browser. Especially convenient and flexible in working with extensions are the browsers Google Chrome and Firefox, but there are utilities for Internet Explorer and Opera around the web.

Consider for example several services and applications that greatly facilitate the task of downloading video from website.

Do not know how to download a video from website online? Use applications, extensions, and utilities.

The most popular and convenient sites for downloading a video from a website to my computer is the service. savefromnetMultifunctional service is perfectly configured to work with most of the biggest online resources and even social networks. Possibilities of downloading affect such famous sites as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and many others. The service functionality is constantly updated, giving users the ability to download a video from websites to computer throughout the network.

The work of the site is very simple and accessible to every user from the first minutes after the main page visit:

  1. Copy the link of a video.

  2. Insert the address to the input field of the link and the service provides direct links for downloading within a few seconds. The site provides several different download channels.

3. Download a video. Thanks to the wide functions of the service, you can download video materials in the suggested formats - you can freely download video from any website in MP4, WebM, FLV, 3GP format, as well as in a certain range of image quality - 240p, 360p, 480p, and 720p.

The better the video quality, the more it will weigh. In addition, a significant role is played by the format of the video file - so files in FLV format weigh, on average, 1.5 times more than videos of other formats. Therefore, i recommend download video in MP4 or WebM formats.

The service provides its users with ample opportunities to download video from website free online by installing a special extension to the browser. The utility is installed in all known browsers. After installing and integrating the application into your browser, there will appear special button next to the selected video. Next, you need to click on this button - the rest of the extension does it for you! Never before free downloading video from any website online was such a simple task - you just remember how the copies of different "funny" videos were valued at school time.

Installation of the application occurs in an automatic mode with a simple integration into the browser immediately after selecting this option or using a special downloadable application. The program will install the required extension for free downloading video from site for all available browsers on the user's computer.

Also, it should be noted that owning the most popular video content site Youtube - Google - blocked the extension to this site. You should use an alternative installation – and it will work on Youtube. Downloading a video from site has never been so simple!


Download video from website using URL or “extract” from the page

An ability to freely download videos from website online using a search engine for the source code of the page was previously perceived as some kind of shamanic dances by programmers. But given the times of universal computerization and the fact that even small children quietly surf the Internet throughout the network, the ability to get audio and video content by using development tools is useful even for users far from programming.

  • In order to find a link to the video, select the item "Developer Tools" in the browser settings (in different browsers this option is in different places, but usually the search for the "tools" does not take more than a few minutes even when you first try to use them to download a video from any website online)

  • After enabling the "Developer Tools" option, a special window will appear at the bottom of the page. Turn on the video you like and go to the "Network" tab. As the page materials are loaded, new files be in the tab - first of all, we are interested in video content. Therefore, pay attention only to files with the extension .flv or .mp4.

  • Sort video files by size and time if you cannot recognize the video by its name.

  • After opening a new window, the file will simply start your free downloading video from website to the standard directory specified by the browser.

This way of downloading a video requires a bit of dexterity. Perhaps you will not immediately succeed. If you cannot extract the video by yourself, do not despair - for this there is a free utility VideoCacheView.

The program automatically scans the contents of the browser caches (Chrome, Opera, IExplorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari) and finds multimedia files. It also provides the necessary tools for copying the files you select to the desired folder.